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Discover the beauty of custom outdoor living. If your project is 50,000, receive a complimentary design featuring anything from a patio, firepit, seating bench, pergola, putting green, and outdoor kitchen. 

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Welcome to Prestige Hardscape And Construction, where outdoor living meets personalized perfection. Explore our free design offer on projects over $50,000, ensuring your outdoor space is crafted to match your vision. From cozy firepits to inviting patios and functional kitchens, your dream retreat is just a click away. Start your journey of enjoyment with captivating 3D renderings of your potential outdoor escape.

Jobsite Plans our Made for every project!

You will know what to expect before we start. At Prestige, we are as transparent as possible about expectations. 

hardscaping not only beautifies your outdoor environment but also adds functionality, value, and versatility to your property. Whether you're looking to create a serene retreat, a vibrant entertainment area, or a functional garden space, hardscaping can turn your vision into reality.

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